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Essential # 1 Tune Up

  • Safety verification PLUS
  • Adjust Brakes &Gears
  • Check Nuts & Bolts
  • Lubricate Cables, Housing & Chain (if needed)
  • Light Frame Cleaning
  • Fork & Wheel Performance Test
  • Recommendations for Future Maintenance

Essential # 2 Tune Up

  • Essential #1 Tune-Up PLUS
  • Truing of Front & Rear Wheels
  • Check & Grease Bearings

High Performance Tune

  • Clean full bike
  • Check gears&brakes
  • Check all bolts
  • Lubricate shifters, cables, chain
  • Check all bearings for wear, air pressure
  • Create a list of future recommendations
  • Replacement parts extra cost

Safety Check

  • Drive Train
  • Lubrification
  • Tire Pressure Check
  • Safety check
  • Future recommandations

Ma Bicyclette is an award-winning outdoor bike rental and repair shop conveniently located near the Lachine Canal, south of Atwater Market. With a fleet of quality hybrid comfort and performance bikes, electric-assist bikes, touring gravel bikes, tandems, child seats, trailers, and more. Ma Bicyclette offers superior rental equipment for all ages. Ma Bicyclette’s Café down the path from their repair shop is the ideal spot to gear up, grab a snack before your ride, or enjoy a cold craft beer afterward.

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Our Address

2727 Rue St. Patrick, #101
Montréal, Québec, H3K 1B9

+1 514 317 6306 | +1 877 815 0150
Café Repair/Rental

Sunday to Friday

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